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For many businesses, you never need to ask the question “what do you do?” For a caterer, they cook and deliver food. For a dentist, they fix and prevent dental issues. Maybe that’s an oversimplification, but most customers walking in the door have a pretty good idea about the majority of their services. 

Vitality South is interesting because a lot of people are familiar with a particular subset of our services and in their mind, that’s what we do. When they have further discussion with us, they tell us all the time “Oh! I didn’t know you did that.” Kind of like when you think of a company like Pepsi and you think – ‘yep, they make soft drinks’, so it doesn’t surprise you when you hear they make Sierra Mist. And then you hear about their Tropicana Orange Juice – and you didn’t know it but you think ‘ok – I get it’. And then you hear they make Rice-A-Roni and your right eyebrow shoots up in confusion.
Vitality South has three main divisions, legs on the stool, as I like to think about it. They all work together to support our customers. Each are distinct offerings that are supported by different divisions. Our divisions are: Marketing, Programming, and IT.

Our Marketing division is where we do the more traditional marketing agency work. We make websites, do social media management, logo design, branding, graphic design, advertising, and Search Engine Optimization. Yes, that’s not an entirely comprehensive list, but it gives you a good idea of the marketing services we provide. We have a top-notch team dedicated to these projects.

In our programming division, we do mobile app development, software development, automation, text messaging projects, and any custom software needs (including some higher functionality for websites). Our programming team requires entirely different skills and resources than the marketing team. 

Our third division is our information technology (IT) Team. Our IT team is exactly what you’d expect – it provides support for businesses. They can help developing businesses grow their infrastructure and can maintain and manage existing technology. What you might not expect in our IT team is our Cybersecurity expertise, which is a specialty that businesses need more and more these days. There is a third independent team that works on IT.

Our Marketing customers tend to think that is our only capability, same with our IT or programming customers, for the most part. But the real magic happens when we get to work collaboratively to address multiple needs for businesses. Not only do they get the advantage of working with a single point of contact to handle all of their marketing and technology needs, but we can be totally in-tune with them and have new ideas, integrations, and optimizations that we have the unique purview to understand. 

I’m not comparing Vitality South with the multi billion dollar company Pepsi. But I do want to make my point clear. If your business has any marketing or technology questions, there is someone on our team that can answer it. We are Marketing. We are Technology. We are Vitality South.

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