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This is a true story. Many moons ago when I was getting married at the “ripe” age of 21, I went to a hairdresser to style my hair for my wedding. I had been growing my hair out for months with visions of it being down and long and wavy. It sounds ridiculous saying it now, but when I sat in her hair to get my hair styled, she told me it would look better up with my strapless gown to show off my dress and so I let her put my hair up in a french twist instead of how I’d been planning for months.

I’ve become aware of this conflict avoidance tendency of mine and have worked on it over the years with some success, but for my wedding – my hair was up on the most photographed day of my life and I really wanted it down. Yes, I should have spoken up. I’ll own that blame. But I really wish I’d had a stylist that asked me what I wanted and really listened to what I had in mind. 

This is why we begin every sales call, consultation, project onboarding, etc. with listening. Listening is how we uncover the root cause that’s holding our customers back. Listening is how we discover the intended outcome that the customer really wants. Listening is how we get to know our clients.

If you are looking for a marketing and technology agency that listens, look no further. Give us a call – we’d love to listen to your thoughts!

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