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Vitality South is a group of highly motivated marketers ready to unleash our marketing superpowers for your business. We have the education, experience, and common sense needed to effectively increase your brand presence. Although this collaboration was formed in 2019, it was many years in the making. We embrace the idea that a small idea can lead to a big change. We want to help generate some of these ideas, and help you hone yours to revitalize your brand and, therefore, business.


Ashley Elkins


Ashley was born and raised in Alabama and lived in Georgia before moving to Tupelo later in life. She is an experienced marketer with 15 years in practice. She graduated with a Marketing degree from Mississippi University for Women and earned her MBA from Georgia State University with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Development. Ashley is the backbone and creator of Vitality South. She stands as our problem solver, creative strategist, HR, and infamous leader. When she is not immersed in all things Vitality South, she loves listening to audiobooks, being a Sunday School teacher and a mom, and spending time with her family doing crafty things.

“True happiness comes from giving; not receiving.”

Chris Elkins

Vp of Technology

Chris is a native of Tupelo and has been working on computers since he was a teenager. After working for IT companies in various states, he moved back to Tupelo and later joined Vitality South in January 2021 where he specializes in technology infrastructure, programming, cybersecurity, and PCI compliance. He helps the Vitality South Team by being a great problem solver, by creatively using technology, working on software development, and consulting businesses about their automation or problem solving. When Chris is not immersed in all the technological advancements of Vitality South, he enjoys studying and increasing his knowledge of software development and systems architecture, his wife, mushrooms, beer brewing, and mountain biking.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Amanda Gholson

Vp of Sales

Amanda was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa before moving to Tupelo. Amanda graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Marketing and has marketing experience in several previous roles. She oversees and helps direct our sales team and the other departments to meet, or exceed, our sales revenue and contributes to the overall profitability of our amazing customers. When Amanda is not being a team leader and strategic thinker for the Vitality South Team, she loves spending time with her family out on the boat or on a Caribbean vacation.

“Don’t try and be all things to all people. Focus on your strengths. Prioritize your time. Work hard… play harder.”

Gina King

Creative Director

A Gina is from East Berlin, PA where she was born and raised before marrying the love of her life and moving to Fulton, MS. Her educational background is a Bachelor Degree of Design from Millersville University in Pennsylvania. Gina oversees the quality of the design projects and their timelines, as well as, keep up with her own projects for the Vitality South Team. When she is not busy being an awesome team leader, she enjoys interior design, painting, home improvement projects, cruising down the road in her famous white Jeep, going to the beach, and spending time with her family.

“If it is meant to be, it will happen.”

Margaret McCollough

General Manager

Margaret was born in raised in Mississippi and has called Tupelo home for most of her life. Margaret graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Business. She oversees the day to day operations of Vitality South, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and all of our customers are thrilled with the service they are getting. When Margaret is not busy with Vitality South, she enjoys being outside, traveling, and spending time with her husband and two little boys.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”

The team

Angie Boland

Account Manager

Angie is from Blue Springs, MS. She joined the Vitality South Team in April of 2021 with 15 years of experience in customer service. Angie has all the knowledge and skills to assess and solve each problem unique to every situation and customer. When Angie is not consulting with clients for Vitality South, she enjoys event planning, bargain hunting, her church, and spending time with her family on the lake all while always wearing leopard print.

“No good thing happens overnight, and growth requires grace.”

Chardé Hannah

Account Manager

Chardé is a Tupelo native who joined our team in May of 2021 after receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of South Alabama. Chardé is eager to help any customer and deal with any situation with a great attitude that always yields excellent results, happy customers, and great products. When Chardé is not taking customer’s phone calls and directing the team on her customer’s visions, you can find her spending time with family and her baby boy.

“Your success in life is largely dependent on how many uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have.”

Dacey Shands

Graphic/Web Designer

Dacey is from Bude, MS, and she recently moved to Tupelo after getting married and graduating from Delta State University with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a minor in marketing. Dacey joined Vitality South June of 2021, and she adds a fresh perspective to our team. When Dacey is not working on social media content or web design projects for Vitality South, you can find her spending time with her husband and dog, practicing drawing and illustrating, and hiking/adventuring.

“There is always room for improvement.”

Jordan Langford

Graphic/Web Designer

Jordan is from Nettleton, MS, and earned her BFA in graphic design from Mississippi University for Women. Jordan has three years of experience working on graphic and web design along with social media and marketing. She has a wide skillset that can be used for just about any project. When she is not creating beautifully functional websites for our clients, she likes spending time with her family, church, and her very lovable Chiweenie, Prissy. She also loves Hayao Miyazaki movies and all things mermaid.

“There is an opportunity for growth in every life lesson. Personal growth should not stop until you die.”

Lee Bethay

Software Developer

Lee is from Fulton, MS and came to join the Vitality South Team in July 2021 with multiple years of experience in his field. He brings a new edge to the team with his website and app development knowledge that will keep our innovations up to date and at the top of our game. When Lee is not developing new apps for the Vitality South Team, you can find him beatboxing and learning new system design principles or reading about psychology studies.

“Everyone you interact with has a life and memories as rich, vivid and long as your own. Don’t judge their actions just because you don’t understand their mindset.”

Megan Wright

Web Developer

Megan grew up in the Evergreen Community before moving to Tupelo in her later years. She received her Bachelor’s from the Mississippi University for Women in English, and has been a part of the Vitality South Team since its beginning in September of 2019. Megan is the team’s problem solver. Whether the trouble is pesky CSS, HTML, 3rd party bugs, or technical trouble, Megan seems to be able to solve it all! When she is not coding special website designs for Vitality South, you can find her writing fan fiction novels, playing video games, reading, and spending time with her lively cat.

“Do no harm. Take no crap.”

Sheila Allison

IT Specialist

Sheila moved to Tupelo with her loving husband after she received her Bachelor’s in Political Science from University of Alaska Anchorage. With her 8+ years of experience in web services, she is a great fit as our Information Technology Specialist. She provides support and technical assistance by troubleshooting problems and providing solutions for any situation. When Sheila is not being a part of our amazingly knowledgeable IT staff, she likes to read and spend time with her church family.

“John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Sonja McCord

Sales Representative

Sonja is from Nashville, TN, and she joined our team in May of 2021 as one of our amazing sales representatives. Her previous sales and customer service experience make her a great addition to the team. Whenever a customer calls, she is there to supply their every need and request. When Sonja is not out making great sales or answering phone calls, you can find her spending time with her family.

“Don’t be afraid of being afraid. Sometimes the one thing you need for growth is the one thing you are most afraid to do.”

Zach Moore

Frontend Developer

Zach is a native of Tupelo. He joined Vitality South in February of 2021 with a lot of knowledge and experience in website and app development. He helps the Vitality South team achieve a greater degree of success by creating a simple, beautiful user experience. As a frontend developer, he creates apps & websites and strives to engineer interactions that are smooth, intuitive, and stress-free for users. When he is not developing innovative ideas for Vitality South, he enjoys running his own eBay store and photography services.

“The obstacle is the way.”
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