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Guns A’Blazing!

Blog Post about celebrating other businesses

Hey guys. Ashley here. As you may be aware, my husband Chris went to Mexico last week to a super remote part of the country up in the mountains. He’s pretty sure he was the only American in the entire town. 

This trip for him was so much more than vacation. It was disconnecting from his commitments and reconnecting with himself. I’m not going to tell his story, but you can check in with him if you’re curious. But all this to say, he was really, really far off the beaten path.

On his first day there, he wandered just outside of the town and was doing a little bit of a hike. Of course there were no trails, but that’s all part of adventure, right? He had been walking around for maybe 20 minutes when he heard the unmistakable ring of gunshots. He hits the ground and looks around to find the source. He sees no one but hears more shots. He’s wondering if he’s trespassed onto someone’s property, and he hears even more gunshots, and increased frequency. He was pretty sure he wasn’t the target, so he started walking to see what was going on.

He followed the noise back into the village and found a huge, loud party in progress, complete with a mariachi band, food, ribbons, dancing, and – you guessed it – people firing their weapons in celebration of the festivities. What could you imagine would cause such a grand celebration? I’ve never for any circumstance had someone fire a weapon to celebrate me in such a lavish fashion. 🙂 The festivities were all in celebration of a family starting their own business – a tiny little store. The entire town shut down to celebrate this milestone.

I really believe that’s the epitome of how community supports one another at its finest. I’m in. who’s with me? I want to celebrate you like that when you have your own major milestones. And you celebrate others. Guns a’blazing (figuratively of course). 

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