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The Digital Shift

Have y’all noticed how many things we’ve started doing online as of late that we used to do in person? Yes, it’s been heading in

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Mean Tweets Business Blog

Mean Tweets

Because I am in my line of work, I see a lot of comments for a tremendous amounts of businesses. These comments come in a

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Website Tax Credit

$5,000 Tax Credit?!

There’s a popular hash tag these days #IYKYK which means “if you know you know.” I like it. I definitely had to google it the

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Online Reviews

Big Help

You have a friend that’s a business owner. You use her products/services as much as you can and recommend her products/services to everyone. This is

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Stress - Business Blog

Work Stress

Am I the only one that feels work stress is just a little heavier than everyday stress? I’ll be honest, I’ve been stressed lately. I’m

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Mobile App development

Why Choose Mobile Apps?

Vitality South is well known for its website design. Website development is not going away and is exceptionally important. I have been asked “why do

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Mentor's Wisdom Shared

Wit and Wisdom

I recently lost a friend and mentor, John Lovorn, owner of  The PACE Group. Over the years, John freely shared a lot of wisdom with

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Business Blog

Back to School

Back to school time is such an exciting time of the year. I LOVE school supplies shopping. (Yes, I realize this is totally nerdy) Really

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Business Opportunities

24 Hour Challenge

Inspired by something found on YouTube, my now 11 year old daughter, Vivienne, loves to do what she calls “24 hour challenges”. She finds a

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Business Marketing


This past Monday night, I did something that comes exceptionally unnatural for me. I accepted the invitation of a friend and took both of my

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Marketing helps


I know it’s true, but it always seems crazy that a great way to get rid of water weight is to drink more water. And

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Better Together

It’s no secret that I’m married to Vitality South’s VP of Technology, Chris Elkins, and we have 2 beautiful girls, Vivienne (10) and Layla (8).

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