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I’ve been working in the marketing and technology industry for more than a decade at this point, and I have discovered a trend. Technology in business is a very specialized niche that is not necessarily all that easy to fully grasp. A lot of people understand specific aspects of it, but it isn’t intuitive to the masses.

The trend that I’ve noticed over the years is when people know they need a specific thing in their business but don’t necessarily know that thing inside and out, they tend to throw money at it. I’ve seen businesses select entirely inappropriate computers – either way more power than they need, too little and they ultimately have to upgrade again or invest in the wrong specs for their needs. With digital marketing, I’ve seen businesses invest in channels that have a good result but could have been achieved far simpler with less investment. I’ve seen businesses buy software solutions they don’t even use but are afraid to turn off because they are unsure if it’s doing something for them they don’t know about.

Technology decisions can be daunting. What’s even more frustrating is when people advise you on technology, but recommend their agenda. I’ve seen salespeople advise the too-big computers because it was a bigger sale for them. I’ve seen marketers recommend the wrong digital campaign because either it meant more money or because that’s the only method they are familiar with. I’ve seen people fall victim to the “marketing” of software but not understand that what’s under the hood of it is incompatible with their needs.

Technology can be confusing. It takes thousands of hours to fully understand the inner workings and connections and implications of some technologies. Vitality South is different. We want to make it easy to understand. We want you to know your options. We want to help guide you through making technology choices so you can feel confident in your decision. We offer free reviews to people that feel they may have not been given the best information for their decisions. We are here for you. And we’re here for the long run. We don’t want to make a quick buck that you’ll regret – we want to empower you with the best decisions that will keep you coming back to us for all of your marketing and technology needs!

Don’t just throw money at your problems. Call Vitality South instead!

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