Work Stress

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Am I the only one that feels work stress is just a little heavier than everyday stress? I’ll be honest, I’ve been stressed lately. I’m typically a person that handles stress well. Nothing in particular wrong, the weight of running a business is a lot sometimes. It seems like it should be true that the […]

Why Choose Mobile Apps?

Mobile App development

Vitality South is well known for its website design. Website development is not going away and is exceptionally important. I have been asked “why do I need a mobile app if I have a great website?” For some, the answer is – you don’t. However, there are multiple distinct advantages that mobile apps can offer […]

Wit and Wisdom

Mentor's Wisdom Shared

I recently lost a friend and mentor, John Lovorn, owner of  The PACE Group. Over the years, John freely shared a lot of wisdom with me in hopes that it would be helpful to me and my business. He even had a short book published called “Wit and Wisdom” with inspirational quotes and lessons that […]

Back to School

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Back to school time is such an exciting time of the year. I LOVE school supplies shopping. (Yes, I realize this is totally nerdy) Really good writing pens, planners, mechanical pencils, highlighters. I get excited just thinking about it. And there’s so much more to be excited about. Finding where your desk is, learning who […]

24 Hour Challenge

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Inspired by something found on YouTube, my now 11 year old daughter, Vivienne, loves to do what she calls “24 hour challenges”. She finds a single location and commits to stay there for,  you guessed it, 24 hours without leaving. She prepares with snacks and entertainment. She takes great pride in her challenge accomplishments. She’s […]


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This past Monday night, I did something that comes exceptionally unnatural for me. I accepted the invitation of a friend and took both of my girls to a dance class. I knew my youngest would love it, and thought my oldest would tolerate it, so off we went. We all learned a beginning version of […]


Marketing helps

I know it’s true, but it always seems crazy that a great way to get rid of water weight is to drink more water. And sharp knives are safer than dull knives – another thing that seems just wrong. When successful people buy stocks, they usually buy them when the price drops, not when it’s […]

Better Together


It’s no secret that I’m married to Vitality South’s VP of Technology, Chris Elkins, and we have 2 beautiful girls, Vivienne (10) and Layla (8). This past Sunday at church I asked them to walk ahead into the building where I would join them momentarily. While extroverted little girls might have ran in without looking […]

Pulling Weeds

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A couple of weeks ago, my 8 year old, Layla, pulled and gave me a dandelion as she has hundreds of times. She gave it proudly and with love, but then recalled its descriptor as a “weed” and sheepishly apologized and said “but you may not love it – it’s a weed”. We had a […]

The Death Crawl

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Several years ago, I watched a faith-based movie called Facing the Giants. I have forgotten most of the movie at this point, but there are two parts that I do remember. The first is a story that a coach told the team. It was about two farmers. They both desperately needed rain for their fields […]

Technology for Businesses

Technology Solutions for Businesses

Our oldest daughter, Vivienne, was working on her 4th grade vocabulary and one of her words was technology. The definition she was given was a beautiful way of explaining the word in the way that we see it. The definition was “using information to solve problems.” A lot of times we tend to overcomplicate the […]

Do Smart People Things

Do Smart People Things - Marketing Blog

I have a friend named Richard Allen. I got to know him and his beautiful wife, Caleigh, when my sister and I visited with them in Rome, Italy. They were missionaries there for a couple of years and did many amazing things. Richard partially funded their relocation to Italy selling t-shirts that read “Do Smart […]