Work In Progress

Work in Progress business blog

Don’t just wish for it. Work for it. My bumpy path that lead to my dream of starting my own marketing agency. When I graduated from college with my Marketing degree, I, unfortunately faced the problem than many in my shoes can relate to. It is really hard to break into the marketing field. Most […]

Getting Back Up

Overcoming Business Problems

Wednesday morning of this week I took a tumble. Which is an understatement. I slipped on my driveway in the rain and completely face-planted; landing hard on one side of my body – and ached from my ankle up to my head. I’m ok – and fortunate; it could have been a lot worse. What […]

Mental Health Check

Growing a Healthy Business

If any of you follow me on my personal social media accounts, you may have noticed that I post fairly regularly about mental health. I love many people that battle anxiety and depression. And while this is a business blog, it’s important to constantly keep in mind that a business is a group of people; each […]

Outsourcing It

Web Design Blog post

  In business, the word “outsourcing” is often thought of as an ugly word. And by all means, when I hear of a company sending their business overseas to cut costs, I’m disappointed. But I believe that outsourcing services that are not your core functions can often be the most practical way to get things […]

Moving On

As we are packing our boxes at our current business office, (literally as I type this) it’s amazing the onslaught of mixed emotions I feel. Excitement, dread, hope, and worry. Excitement comes from my idea of what the new space will allow us. (Growth, privacy, etc.) Dread comes from realizing the physical work involved with […]

Terrifying and Amazing

Taking Risks - Vitality South Blog

If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex I’m a digital girl. We make websites and social media, for crying out loud! I have a Google Calendar and set reminders on my phone. But at the end of the day, I can’t get away from a […]

Two Kinds of People

Marketing Agency Blog

If your website is not making you money, I believe it is broken. Ashley Elkins During a “previous life”, I was in sales for W.W. Grainger – an industrial supplies company. I helped businesses with their inventory and helped them find creative solutions to improve their business. Among the many, many items we kept in […]

Working On Yourself

Self Improvement for businesses inspiration blog

Am I the only one that finds when things get tough, my personal development is the first thing to go? I don’t even mean tough in a bad way. When I get busy, I often find myself pouring out all of my time and energy to make sure everyone else’s lives have smooth sailing. I’m […]

A Dream is Born

motivation to start new business blog

Today marks the one year anniversary of deciding to open Vitality South. At this point, I hadn’t settled on the name or location or exact services, I simply made the decision to act on a dream that was years in the making. I will admit that it was a terrifying decision for me. To leave […]

Rest to Progress

inspirational business blog

I was making Hot Pockets for my girls the first time ever this summer (how have they never tried these?!) and in reading the instructions, it said to cook in the microwave and then to let sit for 2 minutes to finish cooking. For some reason, that very last part of the sentence “to finish […]

Who Cares About Local?

Shop Local Blog post

I’ll be honest. I’m a bargain shopper. I like a deal as well as anyone – maybe more than some. So the idea about shopping local seems a little extravagant at first glance if you can buy an identical product online for a few cents, or even a couple dollars, less. I feel at this […]

Falling off the Wagon

Business Resolutions for growth

Here we are, 3 weeks into the new year, and statistically 80% of those with resolutions have already fallen off of the wagon. If you’re one of the 20% still going strong, congratulations! We whole-heartedly applaud your tenacity. And if you’re a part of the majority that have fallen off of your plans, it’s likely […]