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The Pain You Know

Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a few days of R&R on vacation. We ate too much, enjoyed seeing the beach, and spent time laughing with good friends. On one of the days, my friend suggested that we go get massages, which I was thrilled to do.

We scheduled our time and went to get our massages. As I laid on the table, it felt like the hands of God himself began working all of the tension out of my body. It was magical. And then I came to a funny realization. I became aware that I had a tension headache- but it wasn’t new. I realized I’d had it for a very long time. This ache was an old companion of mine that I had simply learned to ignore. 

I have been putting my body through long days and short nights and have not had a massage in a couple of years. I had it coming. I think my massage therapist felt the tension in my neck and spent a tremendous amount of time working my neck and releasing my aches. I felt light headed and refreshed when I left, in a way that I couldn’t have expected.

This experience reminded me of the time that my cousin and I purged my aunt’s kitchen of excess and duplicate items without her knowledge or permission. She was shocked when she came home, to say the least. We made a deal with her that we hadn’t actually thrown any of it away and if she could name anything missing we’d go retrieve it for her. The only thing she could remember that was missing was a broken mixer that she had to move out of the way every time she needed something out of that particular cabinet, and she definitely didn’t want it back. (Love this aunt, thrilled she didn’t disown me!)

But don’t we all really have things that need addressing but we instead learn to ignore? We know it’s an issue on some level, but you just get so used to it that you somehow forget the need. I feel like business leaders have this issue at work as well with inefficiencies that could be improved upon to improve the business, but it’s just in our peripheral vision – not a raging fire, just a smolder. That’s why our free consultations are so incredibly valuable. Sometimes businesses need an extra pair of eyes to be able to clearly see the things right in front of us with a fresh perspective. If you want your business to become even healthier, don’t be like me and put off having it addressed for who knows how long. We have marketing, IT, and software experts that can creatively find solutions to opportunities to fit your needs. Schedule a free consultation today! 

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