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Several years ago, a national alarm/security system company came knocking on our door and convinced us to sign up with them for a home alarm system. We kept that system for many years until we decided to go a different route. 

Having paid this company on time for nearly a decade and having no contract with them whatsoever, you’d think cancelling would be a fairly simple thing to do. They have a fancy app, customer service phone number, website with chat functionality, and even an access panel in our home.

Alas, my family has been working towards cancelling this service for nearly 6 months. When you chat with the website, they will let you spend a long time giving them all of your information before they share with you the fact that they don’t do cancellations on the chat – even though they knew this all along. The website online portal and app do not have an option to cancel. They all instruct you to call the customer service number.

Calling a customer service number doesn’t seem to be THAT huge of a burden, except… it’s a 45+ minute wait every time you call, then they have to transfer you to a different department to handle the cancellation, and, somehow, you mysteriously get hung-up on during this transfer. Over and over again.

Yesterday, we finally navigated the labyrinth and didn’t get hung-up on and spoke to the person in the cancellations department. What we found out was – they, too, couldn’t help us – this request needed to be emailed – to an email address they don’t share anywhere on the website or app or anywhere else to my knowledge.

Ok. This turned into a vent. My apologies. Seriously considered giving Casey Lott a call on this one to represent me. But to my point, local businesses don’t do this to you. Vitality South doesn’t even have hold music. I work with and for local businesses every day, and it’s easy to do business with them. When you choose to do local, it’s not just you doing something FOR your community, but it’s you also receiving superior customer service FROM members of your community as well. Shopping local doesn’t just help your community, it helps you too!

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