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Ready for Business

This morning as my alarm went off, time for me to get ready for work, I felt fatigue catch up with me. It’s near the end of Spring Break week, having worked the week in full, and I was tired. In fact, I really just wanted to roll up into the office wearing pajamas. 

Before your imagination gets the best of you, for me, pajamas means sweat pants and a t-shirt. When I looked at my appointment book, I didn’t have any scheduled in-person meetings today. As the CEO of my marketing agency, I wouldn’t be hearing from Human Resources about this decision. I was chilly. I was tired.  And I wanted to just relax.

But after a little self-pep talk, I reminded myself that I don’t go to work to relax. I go to work to help businesses. Help my business. Seek new opportunities for myself and others.  In pajamas, I’m in no position to seize new opportunities. In my pajamas, I’m not embodying the expectations I set for my employees. In my pajamas, I’m not setting myself up to be the best version of myself for the day.

Pajamas not only set the tone for myself, but for my employees and my customers. And I owe us all better than that. And believe it or not, I now  have an appointment on my calendar for today that is not a pajamas kind of conversation. I’m open for opportunities. And it all started with a choice. What kind of choices are you making today to empower yourself to grow your business? 

There is a time for rest and relaxation. It is important not only physically but also mentally. But if we’re going to work on our business, let’s give it our all and go all-in. Maybe one day soon I’ll take the day to sit around in my jammies, or better yet, lie on a beach somewhere. But as for today, I’m here to succeed.

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