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Rest to Progress

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I was making Hot Pockets for my girls the first time ever this summer (how have they never tried these?!) and in reading the instructions, it said to cook in the microwave and then to let sit for 2 minutes to finish cooking. For some reason, that very last part of the sentence “to finish cooking” was eye opening to me. I’m usually the kind of gal who will skip the 2 minute wait for lack of time, and inevitably burn my tongue. But I guess I never considered that waiting those two minutes was actually for something. It ensures that the heat evenly distributes, eliminating cold spots, melting all the cheese, etc. I’m slowly learning this same lesson in several different areas. I’m finally learning to let meat rest before serving so that it has the best texture and juiciness. I’m learning that employees that have recently had vacation have more creativity and inspiration than those who have not. Rest has a legitimate purpose, in and out of the workplace, and is actually for something productive.

2020 has been an interesting year. With the Pandemic, Vitality South was classified as non-essential. We beg to disagree, but even so- we found ourselves unable to physically come into our office or into the offices of our valued clients. We definitely did as much as we could from our homes and over the phones, but reluctantly will admit that we had more down time than we’ve ever had before. Time, if you will, to rest.

This got me to thinking… if rest is actually a vital part of progression, what will our rest yield us? Are we stronger, personally and professionally, because of this rest? I tend to think we are. Personally, I feel that I have grown even closer with my family. As a working mom, my girls only saw me not exhausted on weekends – but I got some quality time with them. Professionally, I’ve had some distance to rethink things. Sometimes when you are so busy working in your business, you forget to work on your business. I’ve had time to rethink marketing strategies for customers. Rethink approaches to challenges. Rethink services and vendors.

Vitality South is well rested and ready to go. We have had time to regroup and are stronger than ever. Our rest has prepared us, and we are ready to go! We have creative juices flowing and are thrilled to be back at what we love.

How has the Pandemic impacted your business? We’d love to hear from you!


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