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Several years ago, I watched a faith-based movie called Facing the Giants. I have forgotten most of the movie at this point, but there are two parts that I do remember. The first is a story that a coach told the team. It was about two farmers. They both desperately needed rain for their fields and both prayed for rain, but only one went out and prepared the fields to receive the rain. As a business owner, it’s sometimes easy to know what we need, but the “doing it part” isn’t always so easy. For Vitality South, we are in a season of growth. The number of projects that we are working on would have been overwhelming for our previous team and likely disappointing for our customers if we didn’t make some adjustments.

So far in 2021, we have hired 7 new quality employees, which more than doubles our headcount. We are unwilling to do any less than amaze our customers, and these new employees are incredible additions that will not only do that but strategically open us up to do more and better work. And from an outside perspective, that sounds “neat”; but sitting in my chair at 5 am wondering what in the heck did I just do, you start to second guess. When you double your headcount, you have to double your office space (we did that too – again.) It doubles your payroll requirements. It doubles the number of meetings you need to have. I assume all business owners wonder about the families that these employees represent, what kind of life this job will allow them to lead. At 5 am, all the thoughts seem to creep in.

The second part of the movie that I remember is the Death Crawl Scene. In this scene, one of the key team members was doubting his abilities and the coach had him repeat an exercise that is very strenuous; except this time he was blindfolded so he wouldn’t give up when he reached a certain milestone and made him promise to do his absolute best. He had a great coach to talk him through it, and when he didn’t give up on himself, he did so much more than he ever thought possible. Thankfully, Vitality South also has a great business coach who is also coaxing us to keep going when the going gets tough, and none of us are willing to do less than our absolute best.

At Vitality South, our fields are prepared for rain and our blindfolds are on. We are ready to do more amazing things than ever before. We can do hard things. And so can you. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, give us a call. We help businesses grow!

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