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Our oldest daughter, Vivienne, was working on her 4th grade vocabulary and one of her words was technology. The definition she was given was a beautiful way of explaining the word in the way that we see it. The definition was “using information to solve problems.”

A lot of times we tend to overcomplicate the idea of using technology and either our eyes glaze over in trepidation or we envision some sci-fi television scene. But the truth is, much of the best technology is incredibly simple. I feel that some companies have totally missed the boat; good technology makes your processes easier, not harder.

Vitality South has mentioned on multiple occasions that we have custom software development solutions and that we handle IT, but we’ve never completely explained on this platform exactly what we do. But I do feel that the simple definition sums much of it up. Yes, we do some crazy complex things under our roof. Our processes and solutions are not easy to create. But the solutions we make for our customers are simple yet effective. We believe technology should work for you; not the other way around. And that’s how we design and create all of our custom programming solutions for businesses. 

The best part is, you can come to us without knowing what technology solution you need. We’re always happy to provide a free consultation. All you need is a problem. We’ll assess and recommend the best solution and explain it simply. We’ll make a deal – if you don’t treat us like a moron for referring to your fancy equipment as “doo hickeys” or “whatchamacallits”, we’ll extend the same professional courtesy to our fancy programming methods. Promise. 🙂

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