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A couple of weeks ago, my 8 year old, Layla, pulled and gave me a dandelion as she has hundreds of times. She gave it proudly and with love, but then recalled its descriptor as a “weed” and sheepishly apologized and said “but you may not love it – it’s a weed”. We had a lesson on the meaning of weeds as something that was unwanted, and we decided that dandelions are not weeds to us because we love them. We were both happy gifting and receiving dandelions as they are beautiful flowers for us.

 This morning I was mowing my yard. As many of you know, this is when I do my deep thinking. I discovered a plant that I had wanted and planted growing somewhere unintended. This beautiful, carefully selected flower is now a weed to me. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just located in the wrong place.

This got me thinking deeper about employees past and present. Some of my favorite employees came from environments non-conducive to growth; and after they received the nurture they needed, they’ve absolutely blossomed in their new environment. With some employees over the years, we’ve discovered they were planted in the wrong spot – and after they were transplanted to a better environment, they have flourished; sometimes that was an internal transition, and sometimes external. I, too, have found myself in the past needing transplanted to a bigger pot.

Call me an optimist, but I believe most things have value in the right environment. As we continue to grow our businesses, it is imperative to constantly tend to them, ensuring the correct environments and nutrients for growth. Let’s grow together!

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