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Chris Elkins Joins Vitality South

Chris Elkins Programmer at Vitality South

We are very excited to welcome our new VP of Technology, Chris Elkins, to the team. Chris brings so much to the table, and with him, we are rolling out all kinds of technology services to help the community. He is an expert in IT, cybersecurity, and software development. 


Chris has a wealth of experience in technology. He has been working on computers since he was a teenager. After working in IT companies in various states, he moved back to Tupelo to work at Journal, Inc. (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Mississippi Business Journal, and various local newspapers) where he served as IT Director for 5 years. There, he was head of the technology infrastructure, programming, and development teams, and in charge of the deployment of ad technology for web and mobile across many high-traffic websites and mobile apps. He developed the premiere, real-time election reporting technology and dashboards for the state, county, and local races in Mississippi, as well as the Daily Journal mobile app and website. He also assumed the role of IT Director of Thrive Marketing Agency, a spin-off of Journal, Inc., where he managed the technology infrastructure, programming, and development teams from 2013 to 2016.


For the past four years, he has been Chief Information Officer at Dodge’s Southern Style, where he revamped Dodge’s network and IT infrastructure and implemented various technologies across the stores and headquarters. He was in charge of cybersecurity and PCI compliance. He also developed software and tablet-based solutions, integrated with real-time sales data, to create a gamification system with a leaderboard for point of sale staff, which increased and incentivized sales and upselling. He led the software development team to implement dashboards, real-time reporting, various text messaging technologies, and numerous business automation tools across all departments and leadership.


At Vitality South, Chris has already taken on the tasks of implementing custom-made software, technology, and mobile app development. He builds and implements strategic Corporate Information Technology (IT).


We can’t wait to introduce all of the services Vitality South now offers with Chris on our team. Keep Vitality South in mind if your company is looking for IT services, like security, backups, email deliverability, and programming. Stay tuned!

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