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Marketing Agency says Thank You

Thanksgiving gives us a good reminder to pause and count our blessings, both professionally and personally. And while we have a whole host of things to be thankful for personally, we try to keep it professional here for the most part. (Ahem, did you guys see the muffin challenge on our Facebook page?) So at high risk of missing something or someone important, here’s our top 5 list:

5 Our office space. We LOVE our little office here at the Renasant Center for Ideas. We like the meeting rooms, we like the proximity to all of the downtown businesses and restaurants, and we love our RCFI neighbors!

4 Our (professional) freedom. Have you seen us out and about in the community more than ever? I assume so. We’ve loved being out more, networking with our community, volunteering, sponsoring, and CONNECTING.

3 Our team. Ok, ok. We know it’s a little questionable to put ourselves on our own top 5 list – but we honestly love working together. We collaborate and edify each other. And if you’ve seen how many of us are crammed into our little office, you’ll agree we have tremendous togetherness. And we wouldn’t trade it!

2 Our Cheerleaders. You know who you are. You share our posts. You refer business to us. You read our blog (you know we’re talking about YOU.)  Thank you!

1 Our Customers. We’ll keep it real. We wouldn’t be here without you. It is our pleasure to serve you. In a very real sense, you’re the reason we’re here. You keep us going. We wake up in the morning with a purpose because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So, this Thanksgiving, when we’re all sitting around our tables, smelling the turkey, and counting our blessings, please know we’ll be thanking God for you. Happy Thanksgiving from Vitality South.

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