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In business, the word “outsourcing” is often thought of as an ugly word. And by all means, when I hear of a company sending their business overseas to cut costs, I’m disappointed. But I believe that outsourcing services that are not your core functions can often be the most practical way to get things done expertly and cost efficiently.

If you’re a regular follower of our blogs, you’re likely very well aware that we moved last week. We physically got everything out of our old location and into our new location Friday and Saturday. But as Saturday progressed and I looked at the mounds of furniture in our office, I had no idea what to put where. I could physically arrange everything in our new space – but to arrange it where you can easily walk thru, where you can utilize the space to its fullest potential without waste, where you can see out your window while sitting at your desk – I was in over my head. So instead of wasting any more of my time fretting about it, I instead called my friend Stephen Thompson with Designer Connection to come advise.

With an expert outside opinion, in no time at all, our space is now something we can utilize and take pride in. No, Stephen hasn’t paid me to write this post – he doesn’t even know I’m writing it. But don’t we all find to-do’s from time to time that are outside of our comfort zone that weigh on us because we know they need to be done well?

There is no shame in bringing in outsiders that are better than you at a particular skill set to lend their talent. In fact, if that can free you up to do things that only you are able to do best, you win. I don’t change my own oil and I don’t cut my own hair, even though I could technically do both. But you better believe that our team does all of our websites and design work ourselves – because we are a design and website company. Our team has been brought in many times on the tail end of a website project because they let someone attempt to design it whose time is better spent elsewhere. I encourage you all to be mindful of your time and resources and guard them closely for what you’re best at. And have the best team in place to help you with the rest!

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