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_Moving On_

As we are packing our boxes at our current business office, (literally as I type this) it’s amazing the onslaught of mixed emotions I feel. Excitement, dread, hope, and worry. Excitement comes from my idea of what the new space will allow us. (Growth, privacy, etc.) Dread comes from realizing the physical work involved with moving along with all the paper work involved in changing addresses and online business listings. Hope comes from my vision of the new levels we can grow to in our new space. Worry comes from the new obligations that it entails.

(Warning: Only nerds will appreciate this next paragraph)

When I was thinking this thru, it reminded me of a formula we were taught when I was in business school. Change = DxVxF>R. I fully realize half of you probably know this already, and the other half think I’ve lost my mind at this point, but let me explain. Change is equal to the level of Dissatisfaction with the way things currently are x the Vision of the positive opportunity x the First Steps towards the vision and this all has to be greater than your Resistance to change.

Change has actually been on my mind a lot lately. Our entire society has rapidly changed to accommodate safety regulations amid the Pandemic. There is a new upcoming local Mayoral Election. As fall approaches, I see leaves beginning to turn shades of orange and red. None of those changes are optional – they were forced upon us – for better or worse.

But many changes we get to choose. And it often goes back to that formula. How dissatisfied we are with the way things are now. How sweet the opportunity seems before us. What momentum or progress towards that change we already have in place.  And hinges upon how resistant we are to that change.

Some changes are easier than others. Some changes are more worthwhile than others. For us – pertaining to this move, we weren’t at all dissatisfied with our current location (maybe a little with how close quarters grew to be as we expanded). This change for us is predominantly based on the Vision of the possibility for new growth.

Starting Monday, 8/31/2020, you can find Vitality South located at 425 Magazine St, Ste 205, Tupelo, MS 38804. Please feel free to stop by, say hi, and bring cookies (this is a Southern thing, right? Joking…sorta). And I’d love to hear back – what crossroads are you in? Where are your opportunities for growth. Vitality South loves strategy sessions to help weigh the pros and cons of new business opportunities.


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