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Back to School

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Back to school time is such an exciting time of the year. I LOVE school supplies shopping. (Yes, I realize this is totally nerdy) Really good writing pens, planners, mechanical pencils, highlighters. I get excited just thinking about it. And there’s so much more to be excited about. Finding where your desk is, learning who your teacher and classmates are, your outfit for the first day of school – EVERYTHING!

I get to relive this excitement year after year through the eyes of my girls and I cherish seeing their excitement. But it’s been many years since I’ve felt the thrill first-hand. However, there is a similar excitement with a new job. Maybe no new backpack, but new friends, new planner, new excitement. Hopefully, I’ll never experience that again, for myself, ever as well. So how do you keep the “romance” alive in your job without the excitement of newness? How do you walk into your old job with enthusiasm and fresh ideas?

I personally have several ways that help me keep the excitement alive, and I’d love for you to share yours as well.

  1. For me, one way I refresh my enthusiasm is vacations. Vacations in which I truly log out of the office and spend time truly without cares or worries. New ideas just pop into my head out of nowhere and I actually end up missing work and excited to come back. (sounds like a business justification for a taxes write-off – kidding, sorta).
  2. Just like I re-live my excitement through my kids, I also take the time to relive my business excitement through the eyes of new employees. Really listen to the questions that they have and spend the time explaining the ends and outs of workflows -ask yourself (and your new employee) if that makes sense. 
  3.  Buy the school supplies. If you need a boost of new zeal, sometimes  I buy a new planner and fill it with plans. I buy new pens that I’m excited to write with. I buy some folders to get better organized. You can fill in the blanks on your favorite tools, but get excited with it and buy something you really like.
  4. Remind yourself about the things you love about your work. Gratitude journal. Prayers of thanksgiving. Mantra. Whatever strikes your palate best.
Just like in a long-term relationship, the “new” may be over, but there are certain familiarities and even opportunities to gain satisfaction and deep appreciation that matures with tenure. Be sure to let me know how you keep the excitement alive in your job.
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