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24 Hour Challenge

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Inspired by something found on YouTube, my now 11 year old daughter, Vivienne, loves to do what she calls “24 hour challenges”. She finds a single location and commits to stay there for,  you guessed it, 24 hours without leaving. She prepares with snacks and entertainment. She takes great pride in her challenge accomplishments. She’s completed a challenge in a bathroom, several in a bedroom, once in my closet, once in a tent, etc. I don’t particularly enjoy these challenges and try my best to convince her that it’s a bigger accomplishment if she completes these without me. But I promised I’d do one with her for her birthday. So, last year I completed a 24 hour challenge with Vivienne in her bedroom. (Yes, we can take super quick potty breaks – I know you were wondering.)

So this year, as Vivienne’s birthday rolled around, she began asking me when we were going to do our next 24 hour challenge. I tell you, no good deed goes unpunished!   So, this year’s 24 hour challenge is happening (right now) at Vitality South! Vivi came with me to work this morning and we’ll leave in the morning. Yes, this is crazy. No, I don’t love it. But I sure love her and these things are the memories she’ll cherish and tell her children about one day (in addition to the horror stories of her childhood, I’m sure. 😉 )

In mom-hood and business, I feel it’s important to find the unique but important opportunities and just go with them. They may make you feel silly embarking on them or give you a crick in the neck (which is my fear for my present condition). But they are the things that shape and influence your trajectory. For me in business, sometimes these unique opportunities come in the form of public speaking engagements,  sometimes they come in the form of volunteer work, or while helping people with no expectation of payment or benefit, thru our Contact Us form, or completely out of left field. But the point isn’t where they come from, but rather what you do with them. The first step, at home and at work, is to show up with a great attitude and open mind.

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