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The Digital Shift

Technology in Business

Have y’all noticed how many things we’ve started doing online as of late that we used to do in person? Yes, it’s been heading in this direction for years, but during the Pandemic it seems to have really escalated. Shopping – I’m not just talking about buying from Amazon – but even our orders placed with local companies are ordered online many times. We’re interacting with our favorite local businesses more and more in a digital way. I see some of my customers with digital appointment scheduling links on their websites. I see customers with text or app-based loyalty systems.  I see customers with contact forms receiving record-level messages. I see signs all over the place of local businesses utilizing technology, and I don’t see this changing, ever.

These are all customer-facing technologies – I haven’t even gone into the behind-the-scenes technologies we’ve been able to help with to improve logistics, save money, or improve customer experience. 

So what if you’re not on the digital train? I think the good news it, the train hasn’t left the station. There’s still time to hop on. We all look at the Blockbuster vs Netflix example – which is very real – but I don’t think it’s too late for us to embrace improvements. And also, you don’t have to have figured out what technology you need to be able to improve. We’re happy to come in for a free consultation to explore and look for opportunities to either improve revenue or cut expenses. 

Digital wins look different in every business. We were able to make an app for one customer that increased sales, increased customer satisfaction, and decreased expenses nearly $20,000 per year. We made a software for a different company that helped their business succeed and saved them $60,000 per year versus the canned solution they found available online.

If you’re ready to ask the question “what can technology do for my business?” please contact us for a free consultation.

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