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What is the purpose

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of a website?

A website is an extension of your brand and a vital part of any business. The number one benefit of having a website is that it builds and encourages credibility. Many consumers do not trust a brand or company with no website. Statistically, 81% of consumers research a brand online before making a purchase. That means 8 out of 10 customers will have examined your business before walking through the door.

Your brand should be cohesive and expansive over every platform to promote recognition. Your website should continue this pattern, providing consumers with a virtual version of your company. In addition, providing your messaging, services, and contact information on your website is crucial, as consumers often look for this. Contact information is incredibly vital, as 44% of business-to-business buyers abandon a website without this information.

One thing to consider as much as design is user experience (UX). Websites need to be easy to use. They must be intuitive and function precisely as the audience expects them to. They need to make dealing with you easy. Click to call. Online bill pay. Simple navigation. Internal linking to pages for ease of use. And most importantly, the website needs to immediately tell the user within just a few seconds, before they even scroll: what do they do, and are they for me? First impressions are critical on the web, just as in real life.

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Additional Features

A website can be more than a page with information on it. It can be accessible for those with disabilities, work as an online store, be a means of contact, and much more. We are proud of the websites we produce and the solutions they provide for businesses. Here are some examples of the additional features your website can have – above and beyond the typical informative website all businesses are expected to have:

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You could make your business accessible to those with disabilities with ADA accessibility features. ADA stands for the Americans Disabilities Act, which urges companies to make it accessible. Making your website ADA-compliant allows users to use text-to-speech readers and adjust the colors, contrast, and font size. Having an ADA-friendly website is not only a benefit for your consumers but could also benefit your business. Find out if you and your business could be eligible for the ADA tax credit.

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You can request testimonials directly on your website. One of the many programs we have is Rosie Reviews. Rosie Reviews is a program we custom-built that filters your testimonials by rating and encourages users to rate your business from your website. As users submit their review, depending on how it is filtered, negative reviews prompt them with questions about improving your business. In contrast, when users submit a positive review, it will be featured on your website.
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Your website may benefit from an interactive map depending on your business’s locations, resources, and members. Examples of this may include: programs with state or nationwide resources with details and contact information; visit Health Alliance to view this example. Another could feature businesses with multiple locations they want consumers to access; take Dodge’s Southern Style for instance. A third example is Main Street organizations with a list of featured members, similar to the City of Amory.

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Affiliate Programs

We have several businesses that allow their customers to become their sales force. They have services, products, and subscriptions that they want users to purchase. They enable their customers to share custom links to these products, and if someone purchases from their link, they get paid for their efforts. A win for the business and a win for their raving fans that get paid to promote the business they already love!

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Allowing customers to shop online can not only expand your footprint nationally (and beyond!) but also convenience your local customers. If you have products for sale, adding them to your website can be a tremendous new market for your business.

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Social Media Feed

Websites can become stale if no new content is added to websites. While we love helping our customers keep their web content fresh, there is another way to automate this. Suppose you have a great social media presence. In that case, we can add a feed to your website from your social and keep your freshest information available in real-time. Check out this great example, The Nine Salon!

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We are living in the digital age. One of the many functions your website can have is collecting and storing digital forms. United Way is an example of using digital forms to collect information. Transform your forms into digital assets through online forms.

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Frequently asked questions help your business with SEO performance, avoid repetitive questions, and provide your customers with quality information. These resources feed into SEO by giving search engines the exact questions that users ask.

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Business Functions

You may not realize it, but a website can do a lot more than show pretty things. It can DO things for your business as well. It can work as an appointment scheduler. It can function as an invoicing solution. It can be a sales tool, a lead generator, a sales funnel, and more. With the right ideas and the optimal technology, virtually any business opportunity can be met. If you have any area of your business and wonder “surely there’s a better way” – there probably is! We’d love to listen to your thoughts and ideas, and brainstorm with you!

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