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What is the purpose

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of a website?

A website is an extension of your brand and a vital part of any business. The number one benefit of having a website is that it builds and encourages credibility. Many consumers do not trust a brand or company with no website. Statistically, 81% of consumers research a brand online before making a purchase. That means 8 out of 10 customers will have examined your business before walking through the door.

Your brand should be cohesive and expansive over every platform to promote recognition. Your website should continue this pattern, providing consumers with a virtual version of your company. In addition, providing your messaging, services, and contact information on your website is crucial, as consumers often look for this. Contact information is incredibly vital, as 44% of business-to-business buyers abandon a website without this information.

One thing to consider as much as design is user experience (UX). Websites need to be easy to use. They must be intuitive and function precisely as the audience expects them to. They need to make dealing with you easy. Click to call. Online bill pay. Simple navigation. Internal linking to pages for ease of use. And most importantly, the website needs to immediately tell the user within just a few seconds, before they even scroll: what do they do, and are they for me? First impressions are critical on the web, just as in real life.

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Additional Features

A website can be more than a page with information on it. It can be accessible for those with disabilities, work as an online store, be a means of contact, and much more. We are proud of the websites we produce and the solutions they provide for businesses. Here are some examples of the additional features your website can have – above and beyond the typical informative website all businesses are expected to have:

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Access to experienced marketing professionals with a vast network of contacts

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Increased Reach & Engagement

An app can boost your reach beyond what you’d have through a traditional website, allowing you to engage with customers in a new way.

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Increased Customer Loyalty & Engagement

An app allows customers to connect with your business more deeply. Additionally, it will enable you to create rewards and incentives that can help increase customer loyalty and engagement.

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Increased Lead Generation

With an app, customers can contact your business at the push of a button. This makes it much easier for leads to be generated.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

App users are much more likely to provide feedback due to their user-friendly nature. With this feedback, you can quickly identify weaknesses in your business’s customer service, helping to create more satisfied customers.

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Enhanced User Experience

An app gives customers a more pleasant experience while using your brand by providing fast access to your business from anywhere.

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Increased Sales & Profits

An app can significantly increase your revenue and profits by providing an easy way for customers to engage with your business.

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Frequently asked questions help your business with SEO performance, avoid repetitive questions, and provide your customers with quality information. These resources feed into SEO by giving search engines the exact questions that users ask.

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Business Functions

You may not realize it, but a website can do a lot more than show pretty things. It can DO things for your business as well. It can work as an appointment scheduler. It can function as an invoicing solution. It can be a sales tool, a lead generator, a sales funnel, and more. With the right ideas and the optimal technology, virtually any business opportunity can be met. If you have any area of your business and wonder “surely there’s a better way” – there probably is! We’d love to listen to your thoughts and ideas, and brainstorm with you!

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