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The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Marketing encompasses a large portion of what we do at Vitality South. It is the language that your business speaks. Marketing is how you communicate with your customers. We want to help guide you and your business to be stronger and stand out in a crowd.

We will work with you to dig deep and find precisely what your business needs. From website design to social media management to printed materials and everything in between, you can work with us in comfort knowing we are here and happy to help your business grow. 

The Team Behind Marketing Services

Team Image Ashley Elkins

Ashley Elkins

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Megan Wright

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Dacey Shands

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Sheila Allison

Website Design

A strong website that is comfortable for customers to navigate is an extremely important need for any business. It helps to establish credibility and allows customers to find your business easier. 

Social Media Management

Whether your business is new or already established, a strong social media presence is important to connect with your customers. With your social media, your business can reach the world rather than just those that walk through your door.

Social media management is more than just Facebook, it expands to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest too! Through these variety of platforms, your business can expand and reach different audiences. Let us help you expand today!


Search Engine Optimization

This service increases your rank on search engines like Google organically to lead to more website traffic. With more traffic to your website, the more potiential customers you will have.


Search Engine Marketing

This is a paid option that puts your business at the top results on Google as an ad. It starts the moment you pay and ends the moment you end it. 

GRaphic Design

Graphic design is an encompassing term that covers much of what we do at Vitality South. Our design team is excellent at taking clients’ ideas and bringing them to life. We design digital advertisements to large format printing and everything in between. 

Large Format Printing

Large format printing refers to printed materials that are too big for most commercial printing presses. This can range from posters to vinyl banners, signage, tents. 

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising refers to advertising in the virtual world. This covers social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and display ads.

Business Listings

Incredibly important to have your business listed in online directories correctly and exactly. Our service not only corrects any data, but also creates new listings. It helps people find your business in new places online. 


Newsletters help your customers know what is happening within your business. They can be used for helpful tips to promote your business or to provide updates on recent or upcoming events. Whatever your need, an email or print newsletter can create a strong relationship with your customers. 

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