Information Technology


The study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information.

Information technology uses technical systems to store, retrieve, and send information. Establishing this system that will provide security and efficiency for you and your employees is vital for any company or business, regardless of size.

Our IT specialists team is committed to providing our clients with the highest service. We have eager problem-solvers with the knowledge and resources to keep your business running swiftly and your information protected. Let us help your business grow through our IT services.

The Team Behind Information Technology

Chris Elkins

Jayme Bennett

Sheila Allison

Email Management

It’s important to establish credibility by having an email address on your domain name. With this, you can do things like instead of Also, having your email addresses set up properly can prevent spam and your emails going to other people’s spam folders.

Preventative Maintenance

While we are always available to help our clients with any problems, we feel that due diligence can prevent a majority of the issues and decrease downtime. When we have IT customers, we do regular updates, inspections, and screenings to stop problems before they happen.


Online security is more important than ever. Not only do businesses need to protect against malware and ransomware but also businesses need to protect their customers’ data. We provide free audits to access a business’ cybersecurity.


Whether you already have an existing network in your office or need a new one, we can help. Not only will we maintain and upgrade your network infrastructure, we will also troubleshoot any issues that come up. For any already existing network infrastructure, we are able to run security audits on it to make sure it is safe and secure to protect your data.

Device Management

When devices fail, business owners often do not know what would be the best replacement that works with their systems. Sometimes, device failures are as simple as replacing cords or testing their connectivity. We save businesses money by ensuring money isn’t wasted by replacing good devices or overspending on the wrong devices.


Where your website is hosted affects the speed of your website. At Vitality South, we continually expand and upgrade our hosting servers to provide our customers with lightning fast website hosting.


Backups are extremely important for business continuity. Harddrives and servers will fail eventually. Having a plan in place to ensure your data survives is paramount. We can set up on-premises duplication and off-site virtual backups to guarantee your data’s safety.


Search Engine Optimization

Increasing your rank on search engines like Google organically to lead to more website traffic.


When a business has technical problems, it can be frustrating to find the root cause of the issue so it doesn’t recur. Our technicians are experts at troubleshooting and are diligent to uncover the culprit to get your business operating optimally.

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