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Falling off the Wagon

Business Resolutions for growth

Here we are, 3 weeks into the new year, and statistically 80% of those with resolutions have already fallen off of the wagon. If you’re one of the 20% still going strong, congratulations! We whole-heartedly applaud your tenacity. And if you’re a part of the majority that have fallen off of your plans, it’s likely a good time to start again.

55% of New Year’s Resolutions are Health focused. Our team at Vitality South is in the similar boat; we are cleaning up our food choices by choosing healthier options and working on portion control. I’ve heard many Christians with the resolution to improve their prayer life or read the bible more. All of these are good resolutions and a worth-while effort.

I have personally found that I have the best results when I have an accountability partner. Someone that is going the journey alongside me to cheer me on, correct me when I fail, and to offer tips and advice. In our office, I know I’m going to hear about it if they see me eat a chocolate bar – so I refrain. I’m trying my best to give up sodas, and my 9 year old promised me 100 kisses if I don’t drink any for a week. I’m looking forward to claiming those and know she’s going to ask. These are aids to stay the course.

In our last blog post, we talked about making a new years resolution for your business – to post more regularly on social media or to update your website or do more digital advertising. How are you doing on that goal? If you need an accountability partner for your marketing, give us a call at 662-300-3910- we’re happy to help. This is a New Years’ Resolution that we can CRUSH! We can help with your business strategy, design, and the implementation.

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