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Marketing helps

I know it’s true, but it always seems crazy that a great way to get rid of water weight is to drink more water. And sharp knives are safer than dull knives – another thing that seems just wrong. When successful people buy stocks, they usually buy them when the price drops, not when it’s climbing. The goal is to buy low and sell high – yet many do just the opposite.

In business, marketing is an important component of a revenue strategy. Yet I’ve heard many “not now” reasons that baffle me. “I just started up and want to wait until I have money coming in.” “My business is struggling right now, I want to wait until it’s doing better.” “We’re going to let word of mouth be our marketing.” Sometimes, it may feel counterintuitive, but marketing is actually the thing that helps solve these issues for you.

Marketing, when done right, will get you more business. I think of a website as a second location, and driving traffic to it is the job of marketing. Often, traditional businesses that do not sell online think they don’t want web traffic, they want foot traffic. But the web traffic is how we vet a business to determine if it’s worth a physical trip to the store and where we look for hours, phone number, address, and the relevant products and services that business offers. 

Marketing can be a part of how you get the brand awareness to a new business. Marketing with strategic messages or offers can be how you can get new money into your business. And marketing can help dictate what words your untrained sales force will use in their word of mouth “marketing” campaign. I firmly believe that no businesses can truly stand still; we’re either growing or declining. And our actions and energies can influence which direction that goes. So, if you’re looking to grow your business, schedule a free consultation with us to determine how we can help optimize your growth. 

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